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Tender Tips: The TenderEyes
Not So Secret Santa!

Seasons Greetings to all. Secret Santa is a long-held Western Christmas tradition which we thought would be fun to celebrate. So, we have drawn names out of a hat for our customer, Seven Sciences, and have presents to share.

Seven Sciences is implementing TenderEyes Bid Management Software in the New Year. So our presents come in the shape of  tender tips and tricks to make their employees bid activities easier, more efficient, and effective.

Giving everybody more time to finesse tender responses, secure higher evaluation scores and win more business.

So, let’s get started!


Tender Tips: Sourcing Opportunities

Senior Sales Manager: Daniel James

Christmas Wish List: To tackle delays and inconsistencies in qualification decisions within the Sales Team.

TenderEyes Not So Secret Santa: Poor qualification can result in mis-matched tenders being pursued. This wastes valuable time and resources that could be better spent on tender opportunities with higher win probabilities.

Within TenderEyes Opportunities Manager, standard qualification methodologies such as NEAT and SCOTSMAN, or your own customised qualification model, can be set.

This allows all tender opportunities to be run through decision gates, with a set of qualifying questions and scoring matrix. Scoring benchmarks can be set for bid, no bid decisions.

In addition, qualification approvals and sign-off can be automatically set up. This ensures a consistent approach to bid decisions that are aligned to business objectives and goals.

Stocking Filler Tip: Contract Notice search criteria can be regularly reviewed and updated within TenderEyes. This includes procurement codes and keywords. This will help ensure filtered tender opportunities continue to match your evolving business strategies. Plus allow you to qualify your best-fit opportunities more effectively and efficiently for pursuit action.


Tender Tips: Project Management

Senior Bid Manager: Felicity Bowden 

Christmas Wish List: To have a better solution than the current Excel spreadsheets, to manage tender projects, especially task setting and progress monitoring.

TenderEyes Not So Secret Santa: Without efficient processes and suitable support technology, project mobilisation and management can be severely hampered. This causes unnecessary delays and errors in bid creation and submission.

The TenderEyes Workspace Module provides an ideal tool for managing the complex processes, people and activities involved in generating tender responses, all within tight timescales.

Project mobilisation is quick and easy with automated set up on pursuit approval. This can include allocation of project team members with email notifications and invites to project kick off and review meetings. All project activity can be coordinated and monitored through dashboards, timelines, and Kanban.

Stocking Filler Tip: Automated workflows can be created for elements of the bid processes or collaboration activities, such as sending information requests and reminders. This makes the process more efficient, reducing errors, delays and onerous repetitive activities.


Tender Tips: Content Contributions

Subject Matter Expert – Head of Health & Safety: Kofi Mantashe

Christmas Wish List: To have earlier notice on information requests for tender responses and an easy way to store, access, review, and update content.

TenderEyes Not So Secret Santa: Subject Matter Experts such as Kofi, have their own responsibilities and work pressures. Supplying quality content for tenders within tight deadlines may not be a top priority, especially when given little notice or context to what is required.

The TenderEyes Knowledge Bank provides the business with a dynamic Bid Library for all relevant standard tender information and documentation.
Content collaborators or Subject Matter Experts can store, access, review, and update content within the one platform.

Visibility to content metadata is easy.  This includes ownership, validity dates, creation dates, versions, updates, approvals, and status. And ensures content is regularly reviewed and improved. This can be proactively undertaken in quiet times between tenders, to reduce rushed low-quality responses being generated.

Stocking Filler Tip: TenderEyes Project Workspace can be accessed by Subject Matter Experts to view information within individual tender projects. This may include procurement agency documentation such as questions and scoring methodologies as well as sales intelligence.

This will give Kofi and other Subject Matter Experts better context and insight into how to provide the highest quality of content. Content that secures good evaluation scores and wins more business.


Tender Tips: Compiling Responses

Bid Administrator: Angela Debose

Christmas Wish List: To reduce onerous search for content, as well as ‘cut & paste’ activity when compiling draft tender responses.

TenderEyes Not So Secret Santa: Difficulties in searching for and finding quality content for tender responses can waste valuable time. Unnecessary delays can potentially result in inaccurate or previously poor scoring content being used, to meet looming deadlines.

The TenderEyes Project Workspace, Knowledge Bank and Bid Accelerator are fully integrated and work seamlessly together to generate quick and easy tender response documents.

Using machine learning, the TenderEyes sophisticated cognitive search functions can quickly provide more targeted and relevant search returns. AI technology within the Bid Accelerator allows for auto-population of content between TenderEyes and Microsoft 365 Apps, all with just one SwiftClick.

Stocking Filler Tip: The TenderEyes Bid Accelerator can also be used to access Procurement Agency documentation. One SwiftClick can auto-populate questions and scoring information directly into your TenderEyes Project Workspace. Gaps in response content can then be quickly identified and information requested sent out.


Tender Tips: Results Improvement

Director of Business Development: Mira Cheung

Christmas Wish List: To have easy access to tender project performances and results to help identify gaps in processes and bid strategies.

TenderEyes Not So Secret Santa: Without proper visibility to up-to-date project performances and results, data analysis is very difficult to undertake. This can result in poor quality insights and decision making.

TenderEyes operates as the core platform for all activities required for the end-to end bid process. Key information for each stage is captured and stored. TenderEyes Business Analytics can be used to interrogate resources, workflows, activities, and schedules. Inefficiencies and roadblocks in processes and activities can more easily be identified. This insight can then better inform decision making and improvement strategies.

Stocking Filler Tip: Export data and undertake more in-depth analysis of historic tender results to find trends and identify low scoring tender responses. These can then be reviewed and improved by Subject Matter Experts and bid writers for future tender submissions.


TenderEyes Support

Santa’s Wise Words

Some great Secret Santa gifts here from TenderEyes that will help the Seven Sciences team get the most value from their TenderEyes system. Having the right tools for the whole bid journey will make a huge difference to working efficiencies. Thus saving valuable time that can be better spent finessing tender responses that secure higher evaluation scores and win more business.

They will be in good hands throughout the software customisation and implementation stages of the project, as well as receive thorough training and ongoing support. 2024 looks good for the business!



Please note that Seven Sciences and all employees named above are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

However, the job roles and bid management challenges included are based on real events, experienced by TenderEyes team members, customers, and prospects. All TenderEyes tips are entirely factual and designed to support and empower bid teams to world-class tender wins.


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