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Contracts Manager

Deliver seamless handover of successful tenders to your contracts teams to reduce misplaced documentation, miscommunication, transition and implementation risks.

Empower your operations team with rapid automated project set-up, activity and information flows together with a suite of project management tools to make your contracts delivery go smoothly.

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Empower Your Teams to Greater Bid Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management. With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

Let us show you how TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management can help transform your business!

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Useful Resources

Mastering Bid Strategies, Tactics
and Tender Submissions

A detailed guide to adopting the TenderEyes 4 Cs model for mastering your bid strategies, tactics and tender submissions.

TenderEyes 4 Cs Model
Applications and Benefits

The TenderEyes 4 Cs Model applications and benefits for mastering your bid strategies, tactics and tender submissions.

10 Steps Best Practice Guiding Principles

Overview of TenderEyes philosophy to help optimise your bidding strategies, processes and activities to deliver smarter, high quality winning tenders.

Bid Management Excellence
8: Contracts Delivery

Summary of the challenges and best practice goals for seamless handover and efficient project management of contracts delivery.

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