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Mobilise a motivated project team to create and submit quality winning bids.

Better manage tight deadlines, resources and complex activities for tender submissions.

Key Stages

Set up project, assign team & run kick-off meetings

Assess client needs, evaluation criteria & questions

Manage partner/contractor contributions

Assign tasks, info requests & track progress

Compile, test & finesse tender responses

Review responses, secure approvals & submit bids

Rapid Project Mobilisation

Everything needed to make your project set-up quick, easy and consistent.

Reduce delays in project mobilisation, giving your team more time to respond and deliver better quality bids.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Seamless set up from opportunity approval or new project creation.
  • Customised project plans, stages and information requirements.
  • Fast assignment of project members with automated alerts and briefing invites.

Streamlined Collaboration

Successfully coordinate activities with internal teams, divisions and geographies plus partners and subcontractors.

Take the complexities out of project management to enhance teamworking and commitment.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Time saving automated workflows and task setting.
  • Easy access to all project information and documents in structured directories.
  • Project timelines and automated information requests, alerts & reminders to keep on track.

Swifter Bid Creation

Easily attach documents and populate content in your tender submissions and communications.

Reduce onerous ‘cut and paste’ activities and errors, to spend more time finessing tender responses.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Sophisticated search and return of project content direct within Microsoft 365 Apps. ​
  • One ‘SwiftClick’ to auto-populate content within tender documents, spreadsheets and email.
  • Better informed response creation with direct access to key facts, win themes, risks and question evaluation criteria.

Reduce Bid Risks

Better identify and manage project resources, challenges, brand reputation and financial investment.

Address roadblocks and delays to avoid rushed, poorly informed decisions and deliver your best work.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Access activity Kanban, dashboards and schedules for easy progress review.
  • Set staged reviews for testing and finessing final responses.
  • Assign Approvers, automate requests and undertake agile sign-off of tender responses.

Tender Project Management Made Easy

Give your Bid Team the best tools and time to compile compelling high scoring bids!

Check Out TenderEyes Modules today!

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