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For All and Every Bid Challenge

Proven experience with long established top-tier customers in 24 countries across 5 continents.

For All and Every Bid Challenge

Proven experience with long established top-tier customers in 24 countries across 5 continents.

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Our Industries

Bidding for high value contracts within any industry, is a hugely competitive, business critical activity.

Our extensive knowledge of bid management across multiple sectors, means we understand the challenges and complexities of the job and know how to help transform your bid submissions and successes.

Healthcare Industry

Medical Devices

High value tenders for healthcare and clinical devices, for public and private sector hospitals and clinics. Requiring rigorous regulatory compliance and product provenance.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Tenders for outsourced capital purchases of integrated services such as supply chain management, IT and help desk. Calling for proven high service levels with detailed client references.

Medical Diagnostics Industry

Medical Diagnostics

Complex capital purchase tenders for healthcare diagnostics for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and Universities. Demanding rigorous regulatory compliance and service delivery.

Transport Industry

Transport Infrastructure

Tenders for high value infrastructure builds and operating services for railways, ports, airports and roads. Requiring wide technical skills and effective contractor management.

Process Outsourcing Industry

Process Outsourcing

BPO/RPO tenders for payments, recruitment, accounting and customer services. Calling for in-depth knowledge of a single process and client integration.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Highly competitive tenders for operational services e.g. health & safety, cleaning, pest control and security. Requiring the need to demonstrate reliable quality service delivery and cost efficiencies.

Logistics Industry


Bids for implementation of highly specialised freight forwarding and project logistics services and solutions. Needing seamless systems integration, specialised pricing, JIT concepts and proven record.

Engineering Industry


Contract tenders for mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial and environmental technologies and facilities. Requiring proven experience in technical solutions and implementation.

Defence Industry

Defence and Security

Bids for services and support systems for space, aircraft, surveillance and weaponry. Calling for demonstration of long-term relationship-based services provision, references and security vetting.

Plus other sectors involved in bidding for high value public sector and commercial contracts.

Top-tier enterprises across the globe growing their business with TenderEyes

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Supporting Our Customers Ambitions for Bid Excellence and Success!

Easy Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Focusing on strategically aligned, best-fit opportunities is tough when under pressure to get results.

TenderEyes intelligently manages your opportunities evaluation, sales pipeline and resources.

Streamlined Workflows & Activities

Time and resources are at a premium when responding to multiple complex tenders.

TenderEyes quickly mobilises information requests and rationalises response and approval activities.

Greater Content Quality & Access

Collating and evaluating tender documentation and responses can be time consuming and frustrating.

TenderEyes delivers a structured directory of content for easy use, updating and improvement.

Wider Communication & Collaboration

Coordinating work across teams, divisions and geographies is tough when deadlines are tight.

TenderEyes supports wider teamworking, sharing, learning and continuous quality development.

Empower Your Teams to Greater Bid Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management. With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

Let us show you how TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management can help transform your business!

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Stakes are high when you want to win a large tender

High Value, High Stakes!

Looking to Improve Bid Management Success?

Check out our 10-step Guiding Principles to:-

  • Optimise resources
  • Deliver compelling, competitive, quality tenders
  • Improve win probabilities
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