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Bid Excellence and Success!

TenderEyes, the leading Enterprise Bid Management Solution for world-class tender wins.

Bid Excellence and Success!

TenderEyes, the leading Enterprise Bid Management Solution for world-class tender wins.

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Delivering Compelling, Competitive, Quality Bids

One powerful platform to support your tender and bid management process, goals and activities.
Transform your working ways and win outcomes.

Easy Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Intelligently manage your opportunities qualification, sales pipeline and resources.

Streamlined Workflows & Activities

Rapidly mobilise projects and automate information requests, response and approval activities.

Greater Content Quality & Access

Quickly generate structured directories of content for easy use, updating and improvement.

Wider Communication & Collaboration

Effectively create wider team working, talking, sharing, learning and innovation.

Top-tier enterprises across the globe growing their business with TenderEyes Bid Management Software

Explore the TenderEyes Modules

Each module is designed to deliver Bid Management best practice.

Together they work seamlessly to provide an all-in-one solution for smarter opportunity, bid submission and contracts success.

Opportunities ManagerOpportunities Manager

Integrated Public Procurement Portals and smarter opportunity identification, qualification tracking and approval.

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Knowledge BankKnowledge Bank

Dedicated secure library with auto-population, easy search and access to tender documentation, questions and responses.

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Project WorkspaceProject Workspace

Agile project set-up and management for improved tender evaluation, response completion, approvals and reviews.

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Collaboration HubCollaboration Hub

Deeper anytime, anywhere communication, intelligence sharing, learning, innovation and team working.

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Competitor InsightsCompetitor Insights

Enriched competitor intelligence and analysis for better informed and competitive edged tender responses.

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Partner ManagerPartner Manager

Proficient sub-contractor and partner selection and improved bid response contributions, risk and delivery assessments.

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Contracts ManagerContracts Manager

Seamless handover of won tenders to operations with streamlined workflows, activities, communications and delivery monitoring.

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Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics

Comprehensive reports and dashboards for opportunities, bids, evaluation scores and contracts delivery.

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GovernanceGovernance & Security

Enhanced compliance, IP protection and risk management with defined access rights, approvals and security audits.

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Plus New TenderEyes Bid Accelerator

Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, with full Microsoft 365 Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook) integration.

For smarter, faster task setting, content search and tender response creation.

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Empower Your Teams to Greater Bid Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management. With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

Let us show you how TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management can help transform your business!

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Connect People, Content & Activities Across the Whole Bid Journey

Discover how TenderEyes helps overcome challenges at every stage of the process.

Tender Management Best Practice at Your Fingertips!

Smarter Opportunity Management

Practical strategies and tips to source, qualify, approve and better manage your best-fit tender opportunities.

Bid Excellence & Success: Process & People

Practical strategies and tips to streamline processes and improve collaboration for better tender management.

Making the Most of Your Tender Content

Practical strategies and tips to build a dynamic bid library for better content access, creation, updating and use.

New! On-Demand Webinars for Better Bid Management Practices

Plus more quick tip guides, infographics and videos,
all available in our new Learning Library! 

Latest Bid Management Blogs

Catch up on our thoughts and ideas on bid management best practice and trends, industry news and the TenderEyes solutions.

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Business Process Management for Better Tender Management

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Business Process Management (BPM) is a well-established model for improving business processes. It is well suited to being applied to tender management.In this article we discuss how BPM offers a valuable approach to improving and streamlining your whole end-to-end bid journey. Plus we explore the six steps of BPM and highlight the benefits that can be achieved through implementation.In

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Subject Matter Experts (SMES) play a pivotal role in the bidding process. Bid Teams are reliant on their colleagues’ areas of expertise to help answer the 100s of questions within high-value tenders. However, this puts a lot of pressure on the Subject Matter Experts, especially when fitting in this additional activity between their own workloads and job responsibilities. This

Stakes are high when you want to win a large tender

High Value, High Stakes!

Looking to Improve Bid Management Success?

Check out our 10-step Guiding Principles to:-

  • Optimise resources
  • Deliver compelling, competitive, quality tenders
  • Improve win probabilities
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