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Source Tender Opportunities

Source Tender Opportunities

Identify, qualify, approve & prioritise your best-fit tender opportunities.

Delivering stronger business alignment and decisive pursuit decisions!

Key Stages

Set targeting strategies & search criteria

Pre-qualify contract notices for qualification action

Qualify opportunities for bid or no bid action

Secure approvals & sign-off for tender pursuit action

Manage pipeline, forecasting  & reporting

The Smarter Way to Find Tenders

Save time sourcing best-matched opportunities from 1000s of daily Contract Notices.

Say goodbye to endless ‘scroll and review’ of alert emails from Public Procurement Portals or third-party subscription services.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Auto-population of tender opportunities via links to Public Procurement Portals.
  • Customised search criteria aligned with business goals and revenue targets.
  • Rapid assessment to dismiss or accept and assign tenders for qualification – all in one place!

Prioritising Best-Fit Opportunities

Deliver consistent qualification of stronger-matched tender opportunities.

Prevent push-through of poor-fit tenders with low win probabilities, that take up valuable time and resources.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Adoption of a recognised or customised sales model for all to follow.
  • Decision gates with qualification criteria and evaluation scoring.
  • Easy capture of external documentation and internal information e.g., risks, key facts, win themes, competitors, product lines and values etc.

Faster Pursuit Approval

Ensure qualified opportunities are aligned to business goals and needs.

Avoid the ‘no man’s land’ delays of pursuit approval to project mobilisation, so your team can focus on what really matters – compiling winning tender responses.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Assigned approvers and automated approval workflows.
  • Visibility of approval status and automated reminders.
  • Automatic mobilisation of new tender projects on opportunity approval.

Better Pipeline Visability

Gain deeper insight into tender progress, pipeline, sales forecasts and team performance at all times!

No longer be blind to sales activities and results. Identify roadblocks or missteps early to avoid delays.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Proactive pipeline development of new contracts and those due for renewal.
  • Easy to interpret timelines, dashboards or exported spreadsheets.
  • Assurance of properly qualified and approved opportunities with full audit logs.

Best-Fit Tender Targeting Made Easy

Don’t settle for less when finding, qualifying and managing your best-fit tender opportunities.

Check out the TenderEyes Modules today!

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Opportunities Manager

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Business Analytics

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Governance & Security

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