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Bid Management
Best Practice

High Value, High Stakes!

Introducing our 10-step philosophy to help optimise your bid resources and investment, deliver compelling, competitive, quality tenders and improve win probabilities.

Stakes are high when you want to win a large tender

10-Step Guiding Principles

Designed by the TenderEyes Team, with a wealth of operational, executive and bid governance expertise and collaboration with highly experienced corporate bid professionals.

Focusing on Strategic Tender Opportunities as part of Bid Management Best Practice

1. Strategic Opportunity Focus

  • Action: Find and only action opportunities properly aligned to your business strategies, product and services.
  • Result: Allow resources to focus on delivering best quality responses to best fit tenders.
  • Benefit: Optimises bid submission investment, reduces business risk and safeguards brand reputation.
Jigsaw Pieces Depicting Agile Project Working, a key element of Tender Management Best Practice

2. Agile Project Working

  • Action: Act quickly and decisively to coordinate tender evaluation and submission activities, with clear goals, actions, assignment and timescales.
  • Result: Better tracking of actions, risks, progress, approvals, roadblocks and resolutions.
  • Benefit: Delivers cohesive project management to optimise time, resources and quality tender responses within tight deadlines.
Managing Tender Information Access & Quality

3. Information Management & Quality

  • Action: Create a centralised directory of all tender information, documentation and questions/responses with defined data management practices and assigned subject matter experts.
  • Result: Greater content accessibility, sharing and tender responses development.
  • Benefit: Reduces search frustrations and provides for easier updating, version tracking and continuous improvement.
Tender Team Collaboration

4. Coordinated Team Working

  • Action: Clearly define team and individual roles, responsibilities, goals and actions, set regular meetings and provide regular progress updates.
  • Result: Better communication, wider collaboration and stronger innovation and collective and individual accountability.
  • Benefit: Bid Team and Subject Matter Experts feel better supported, engaged and prepared to succeed, with increased creativity and quality tender responses.
Being Competitive with Your Tender Submissions

5. Competitive Advantage

  • Action: Undertake regular competitor analysis and review of their publicly available tender submissions and scores.
  • Result: Provide intelligence and identified competitor weaknesses to help your Subject Matter Experts to in the formulation of bid responses.
  • Benefit: Development of more sophisticated tender responses that highlight competitive edge.
Contracts Delivery

6. Sub-Contractor & Partner Working

  • Action: Integrate your supply chain early into the bid process, sharing intelligence and consulting on development of responses.
  • Result: Stronger third-party investment and cooperation in your bid submission activities and content creation.
  • Benefit: More detailed, accurate tender responses and strengthens relationships and commitment in delivery of won contracts.
Deliver Better Quality Tender Responses

7. Optimise Tender Responses

  • Action: Comprehensively evaluate, understand and test tender scoring criteria and clearly communicate to all contributors and stakeholders.
  • Result: Align and shape tender responses to better match evaluation and scoring criteria.
  • Benefit: Develop compelling responses with potential for higher evaluation scores and improved win probabilities.
Delivering your Winning Tender Contracts

8. Contracts Delivery

  • Action: Adopt a formal handover between bid and operations teams, with clear goal setting, regular engagement and progress monitoring with client, sub-contractors and partners throughout contract period.
  • Result: Smoother delivery and easier issue identification and resolution.
  • Benefit: Better manage client expectations and build trust and brand reputation, improving probabilities of re-contract wins.
Tender Progress & Results Monitoring

9. Progress & Results Monitoring

  • Action: Set clear performance indicators and metrics to regularly assess progress and performance.
  • Result: Stronger team and individual accountability, quicker issue identification and resolution, with better-informed results analysis for both won and lost bids.
  • Benefit: Optimise resources and deliver ongoing continuous improvement for bid management processes and tender submissions.
Governance & Security - Padlock on Keyboard

10. Governance & Security

  • Action: Define team roles and responsibilities, set up managerial approvals and security for all tender information and documentation.
  • Result: Easier management, tracking and audit of your tender submission actions and assets.
  • Benefit: Governance compliance and Intellectual Property protection.

More Best Practice at Your Fingertips!

Give your teams time to finesse your tender responses.

With practical strategies and tips to:

  • Optimise tight deadlines and resources
  • Streamline workflows
  • Reduce repetitive manual tasks
  • Better manage information
  • Improve collaborator engagement

Empower your Bid Team to Greater Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management.

With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

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