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Bid Decision & Review

Bid Decision & Review

Negotiate and sign won contracts and assess performance for ongoing learning.

Reduce bid inefficiencies and contract delivery risks to secure future business growth, revenues and profits success.

Key Stages

Assess performance & improve processes

Receive & review client decisions & feedback

Negotiate & sign contract documents

Analyse won & lost outcomes & scores

Improve responses for future tenders

Project Performance Review

Analyse and gain insight into project resources, activities and performance.

Address process, collaboration and task inefficiencies to gain more time for improved bid success.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Analyse resources, workflows, activities and schedules.
  • Review historic results to find trends and reoccurring issues.
  • Refine project plans and set up new automated workflows.

Client Feedback & Decision

Capture won and lost bids results, client evaluation feedback and competitor intelligence.

Address pricing, product, competitor and content gaps to improve future bid win probabilities.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Easy capture and analysis of response scores and feedback.
  • Automated workflows to share results and insights across the business.
  • Set meetings and tasks to review and improve content.

Contract Negotiations

Ensure contract negotiations and agreements are documented, approved and captured within the tender project workspace.

Avoid mislaying approved tender and contract documentation in preparation of handover to Delivery Team

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Set tasks and record negotiation communications and meeting details.
  • Collaborate and agree commitments with partners and sub-contractors.
  • Access post bid documentation through standardised directories and folders.

Results Review & Improvements

Take a deeper dive into data analysis to gain strategic and market insights.

Address and refine pursuit strategies and response quality to deliver more compelling, competitive bids.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Easier identification of low scoring tender responses for improvement.
  • Undertake win/loss, competitor and market share analysis.
  • Run security and governance audits to reduce business and IP risks.

Tender Insight Made Easy

Delve into performance to learn and improve processes and  tender results!

Check out the TenderEyes Modules today!

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Project Workspace

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