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Smarter Bid Management

Discover powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation and in-built best practice all within one sophisticated solution.

Smarter Bid Management

Discover powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation and in-built best practice all within one sophisticated solution.

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Tender Management Made Easy

One flexible, scalable platform, with nine modules, designed for complete end-to-end opportunity, bid and contracts delivery.

Implement the whole solution or individual modules for phased digital transformation across your teams, divisions and geographies.

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Opportunities Manager

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Knowledge Bank

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Project Workspace

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Collaboration Hub

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Competitor Insights

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Partner Manager

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Contracts Manager

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Business Analytics

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Governance & Security

Opportunities ManagerEscape the ‘Bid for Everything’ Mentality.

Align and elevate your pursuit activities to agreed bid strategies, goals, products, and services.

With easy-to-use tools, intelligently filter, qualify, approve and track your tender opportunities.

Learn more about TenderEyes Opportunities Manager >>

Diagram of TenderEyes Opportunities Manager Module Functions
Diagram of TenderEyes Knowledge Bank Module Functions

Knowledge BankQuality Content at Your Fingertips.

Catalogue and auto-populate information and documents in a secure, centralised structured directory.

Providing easy access and continual improvement to content consistency, accuracy and quality.

Learn more about TenderEyes Knowledge Bank >>

Project WorkspaceDeadlines Looming, Don’t Delay.

Make the most of your resources and tender response timescales with rapid and automated project set up.

Boost your Bid Team’s coordination, productivity and motivation with customised workflows, alerts and progress monitoring.

Learn more about TenderEyes Project Workspace >>

Diagram of TenderEyes Project Workspace Module Functions
Diagram of TenderEyes Collaboration Hub Module Functions

Collaboration HubTeamworking Made Good.

Enhance critical communications and collaboration between bid teams, subject matter experts, divisions and geographies.

Interactive tools and technologies to coordinate and share ideas, information and deeper learning.

Learn more about TenderEyes Collaboration Hub >>

Competitor InsightsQuest for Competitive Edge.

Stand out from the crowd with focused collection, sharing and analysis of competitor intelligence.

Access rivals tender scores and positioning to exploit areas of competitive advantage.

Learn more about TenderEyes Competitor Insights >>

Diagram of TenderEyes Competitor Insights Module Functions
Diagram of TenderEyes Partner Manager Module Functions

Partner ManagerSupply Chain Harmony.

Develop better quality tender responses, with early collaboration and input from your sub-contractors and partners.

Work seamlessly and securely with your supply chain across the TenderEyes Knowledge Bank, Project Workspace and Contracts Management.

Learn more about TenderEyes Partner Manager >>

Contracts ManagementIt’s a Win, Time to Deliver.

Reduce your transition risks from tender to contract delivery with seamless handover to your operations teams.

With automatic contract management set up, pre-populated with tender documentation, sub-contractors and partners.

Learn more about TenderEyes Contracts Manager >>

Diagram of TenderEyes Contracts Manager Module Functions
Diagram of TenderEyes Business Analytics Module Functions

Business AnalyticsBetter Decisions, Better Business.

Delve into the finer detail to enhance decision making for business growth, resourcing, budgets and goals.

Customisable dashboards for easy visibility and interpretation of key information, activities, roadblocks and performance.

Learn more about TenderEyes Business Analytics >>

GovernanceSafeguarding your Investment.

Reduce security risks and protect your bid submission corporate intellectual property.

Manage access rights, permissions, compliance, and auditing with a range of governance and data mangement tools.

Learn more about TenderEyes Governance & Security >>

Diagram of TenderEyes Governance & Security Module Module Functions

TenderEyes, The Smarter Software Choice!

Designed to seamlessly integrate, streamline and add value to your bid management strategies, activities and performance.

Quick Deployment

Easy Cloud deployment with flexible scalability and anywhere, anytime access.


Hosted within the Microsoft 365 environment with leading security measures and backup.

Easy to Use

Comprehensive, intuitive, logical user interface, navigation, features and functions.


Easy integration with Public Procurement Portals, CRM, ERP and other business tools.

Empower Your Teams to Greater Bid Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management. With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

Let us show you how TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management can help transform your business!

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TenderEyes Software FAQs

How do I access the TenderEyes Solution2022-08-08T10:20:50+01:00


TenderEyes is a cloud-based solution providing easy deployment, flexible scalability and anywhere, anytime access. It is Microsoft Office 365 based application and is accessed via your current Office 365 credentials. Access within the system is controlled by a roles-based security model.

Does TenderEyes manage multiple bids and how many at any given time?2022-08-08T10:19:16+01:00


TenderEyes easily manages multiple bids in terms of capacity and storage. There is no limit on the number of bids which can be created and managed at any point in time.

The solution can help ensure each project adheres to standard operating procedures, processes and governance. This will ensure consistency of approach and decision-making across teams, divisions and countries if required.

This will provide a stronger platform for greater working efficiencies and more time to craft quality Tender responses. It will also offer greater insight into global performance and results, with further opportunities for longer-term continuous improvements.

Can TenderEyes manage multiple languages and currencies?2022-08-08T10:18:37+01:00



The primary user interface of TenderEyes is in English. Microsoft language packs can be enabled if required and an additional glossary of terms can be held in a multiple language list.

The Knowledge Bank Module has auto-translate functionality to allow for a relationship between multiple language answers and search functionality.


TenderEyes has the capacity for Microsoft currency preferences to be enabled. It also interfaces with foreign exchange databases as designated by customers, to allow for local, regional and reporting conversion of currencies.

Can I restrict user access within the TenderEyes system?2022-08-08T10:16:39+01:00


Access to content by TenderEyes Users is controlled by a roles based security model. Access can be allowed or restricted at various levels including modules, projects, folders and documents. The roles based security model is designed with the customer during the implementation phase.

How secure is my data and Intellectual Property within TenderEyes?2022-08-08T10:17:42+01:00



The TenderEyes application will be hosted on your existing Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure. Levels of security will already have been determined by your internal IT resources. Microsoft provides market-leading levels of IT security and resilience.

Intellectual Property

The TenderEyes team fully understands that at the time of submitting your Tender response, the documentation provided is the most up-to-date commercially sensitive Intellectual property you may have. Access within the TenderEyes application is controlled by a roles-based security model to determine who has access to the system at various permission levels. The TenderEyes application also has a Governance & Security Module that allows full audit trails, reporting and analytics of how authorised users are behaving within the application.

Can I import and export data in TenderEyes?2022-08-08T10:17:10+01:00


TenderEyes has the capacity for import and export of data in a variety of ways and levels:

  • Simple cut and paste of information into Knowledge Bank and Projects
  • Upload of single and multiple files and folders into document libraries (drag and drop / File Explorer)
  • Export of simple list data to Excel / Power BI
  • Export of project plans to Excel and Microsoft Project
  • Import of complex data via Microsoft tools – Power Automate
  • Interrogation of data for specific export via TenderEyes Office Add-in
  • Bespoke integration of CRM or ERP data depending on customer requirements

TenderEyes is a proven end-to-end solution with long established top tier customers in 24 plus countries across 5 continents.

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