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Bid Accelerator

Access the power of AI and machine learning for smarter, faster bid management!

Whether assessing customer documentation, creating content or compiling tender responses, full integration between TenderEyes and Microsoft 365 Apps delivers significant work efficiencies.

Giving your Bid Team more time to focus on what really matters – delivering quality, competitive tender responses!

Check out the Tendereyes  Modules incorporating the Bid Accelerator

Knowledge BankKnowledge Bank

Dedicated secure library with auto-population, easy search and access to tender documentation, questions and responses.

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Project WorkspaceProject Workspace

Agile project set-up and management for improved tender evaluation, response completion, approvals and reviews.

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TenderEyes Knowledge Bank

Empower Your Teams to Greater Bid Success!

One dedicated solution that delivers smarter working for end-to-end Tender Management. With powerful intuitive tools, workflow automation, collaboration and in-built best practice.

Designed to give your teams more time to finesse your tender responses and submissions.

Let us show you how TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management can help transform your business!

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Useful Resources

A Practical Guide for
Process & People

Strategies and tips to help optimise tight deadlines, streamline workflows, better manage information and improve collaboration.

10 Steps Best Practice Guiding Principles

Overview of TenderEyes philosophy to help optimise your bidding strategies, processes and activities to deliver smarter, high quality winning tenders.

Top 10 Bid Management Challenges

Overview of the most common challenges Bid Teams experience in targeting high value public and commercial sector tenders.

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