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Your Bid Journey

Transform your whole tender process to win more business.

Your Bid Journey

Transform your whole tender process to win more business.

One fully integrated solution for one seamless process.

Designed to connect people, content and activities across the whole bid journey and deliver better results.

Supporting Deeper Collaboration & Communication

Teamworking at its best, across disciplines, teams, divisions & geographies.

Sales Team

Find and consistently qualify your business aligned, best-fit tenders for pursuit action.

With customisable search and sales process for effective qualification.

Subject Matter Experts

Compile accurate, up-to-date, detailed documentation and information for bids.

With centrally managed content for easy updating and assured quality.

Bid Team

Source quality content and craft compelling tender responses within tight deadlines.

With automated workflows and task setting for rapid project progress.

Managers & Approvers

Review, signoff and approve content, tender responses and submissions within set timescales.

With automated tasks and access to project data for informed decisions.

Delivery Team

Ensure won contracts are delivered on time, in budget and to client’s requirements and satisfaction.

With agile project tools for effective implementation and issue resolution.

Directors & Management Team

Safeguard brand reputation, control risks and secure financial goals and profits.

With powerful analytics for process, results and compliance insight.

Building Competitive Advantage

Making sure your working practices and tools don’t hamper your abilities to win big!

Save & Optimise Time

Streamline workflows, reduce repetitive manual activities and maximise resources.

Giving you the time to finesse tender responses.

Improve Response Quality

Engage content contributors, build a bid library and make use of AI search and auto-population tools.

Providing easy access and effective use of quality content.

Secure Higher Scores

Assess client scoring methodologies, tender response scores and historic results and review feedback.

Helping you test, improve and deliver more competitive bids.

Win More Business

Identify and pursue best-fit opportunities aligned to business goals and products.

Improving win probabilities, win rates and profitability.

Which part of the Bid Journey are you on?

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