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How to Use CPV Codes to
Find Best-Fit Tenders

CPV Codes are a critical component of finding your best-fit tenders!

Tenders, that are aligned to your business strategies, goals, products and services. And giving you the best chance of compiling higher scoring tender responses and improving your win rates.

But are your targeting strategies and sourcing methods working?

CPV (common procurement vocabulary) codes are a complex classification used for public procurement of products and services within the EU and UK.

Choosing the correct codes as part of your search criteria on Public Procurement Portals (e.g. TED EU/FTS UK) is vital. But they are often misunderstood and incorrectly used by both Procuring Agencies and Bidding Organisations.

So, it’s really important that your Sales and Bid Teams have a deeper knowledge of CPV classifications and hierarchy and how best to use them.

Smarter CPV use can:

  • Filter out unnecessary tender opportunities to review and qualify.
  • Reduce the risks of missing relevant best-fit tender opportunities.
  • Help prioritise opportunities with the better matched CPV codes.


Check out our 5-minute video below to learn more.

You will learn:

  • Origin and purpose
  • 9-digit Classification
  • Hierarchy for products and services
  • Considerations for the use of CPV codes
  • Ways to search Public Procurement Portals
  • Benefits of incorporating CPV codes within your Tender Management Solution.

For more information on how to use CPV codes and other search criteria read our article ‘Finding Tenders: The Art of Targeting & Sourcing‘.

Make the Most of Your CPV Codes

Using a dedicated Bid Management Solution, such as the TenderEyes, gives you full control in sourcing tender opportunities.  Within the Opportunities Manager Module you can link to required Public Procurement Portals and  set your own search criteria, including required CPV Codes. The solution will then automatically populate with relevant Contract Notices which your Sales Team can then go on to qualify and secure approval to bid – all within the one platform.  Delivering time efficiencies and smarter working.

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