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What are the main challenges involved in managing tenders and how do I overcome them?


Bidding for high value Tenders is a complex process, requiring exceptional coordination and management of people, information and content, all set within tight timescales.

Challenges may include:

  • Managing a varied, challenging workload
  • Time pressures & constraints
  • Collaboration between departments & people
  • Undertaking numerous repetitive tasks
  • Managing vast amounts of information
  • Developing high quality Tender responses • Securing approvals & sign offs.

It is a big investment for any organisation in both time and resources. Being highly competitive and crucial to the business’s revenue goals and profits, it is imperative to reduce the impact of the above challenges. This will result in being able to deliver better quality Tender responses, secure higher evaluation scores and increase win probabilities.

Getting your Bid Management strategies, objectives, processes and people skills and engagement right, is crucial to success.

Following best practice and utilising appropriate dedicated Bid Management Software and tools will also go a long way to conquering these challenges.

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