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Our organisation aspires to World-class in everything it does. How can this approach be applied to Tender management?


To compete and win Tenders requires clear strategies, resources and commitment to achieve. To compete at a world-class level requires additional focus on first-rate methodologies and Bid Management best practice.

This holistic approach will need to encompass all aspects of Tender Management from initial opportunities sourcing through to project managing Tender responses and submissions and delivery of the won contract.

Consideration will need to be given to product positioning, marketing, quality and regulatory disciplines, business processes and competitive differentiation to ensure Tender responses are of the highest quality and deliver good evaluation scores.

Following our 10-Step Guiding Principles and best practice blogs and eBooks may assist you in developing your own best practice.

The 10 Steps have been developed from a wealth of operational, executive and bid governance expertise together in collaboration with highly experienced corporate bid professionals. The best practice covers the end-to-end Bid Management journey and is a key component of our product development and support services.

The TenderEyes Solution itself, offers a clear and defined path towards achieving the highest levels of Bid Management performance and best practice.

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