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The TenderEyes 4 Cs Model Playbook

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The TenderEyes 4 Cs Model Playbook

For Mastering Bid Strategies, Tactics & Tender Submissions


  • Mastering Bid Strategies & Tactics
  • Finessing Tender Responses
  • Example Question & 4 Cs Responses
  • Implementing the 4 Cs in TenderEyes

Why read it?

The TenderEyes 4 Cs Model provides a robust framework for your wider bid
journey, from strategies and tactics to tender submissions.

Provides a formal structure and consistent focus to improve: ​

  • Bidding strategies, brand and competitive differentiation. ​
  • Smarter sourcing, qualification and prioritisation of best-fit tenders. ​
  • Greater collaboration between stakeholders and contributors to generate more powerful content. ​

All to help elevate your evaluation scores and win you more business!

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