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What is a tender, its types and procedures?


A Tender is a proposal submitted by organisations competitively bidding for contracts for the supply of products and services.

These contracts are usually complex and of high value and may be issued by public and private sector procuring agencies. Public sector organisations are required by legislation to publicly advertise contracts over a certain value and will follow prescribed Tender procedures.

There are several types of Tender process, including the Open Procedure, which is the most commonly used. There are set stages as described below, required to be completed within set timescales. The completion of the main Tender submission is usually required within a 6-8 week period.

  1. The Tender is advertised on a Public Procurement Portal (e.g. TED/FTS)
  2. The Bidding Organisation submits an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  3. The Bidding Organisation reviews the Selection Questionnaire (SQ), Invitation to Tender (ITT) and supporting documentation
  4. The Bidding Organisation completes the detailed SQ and ITT
  5. Submitted Tenders are evaluated and scored by the Procuring Agency
  6. A Pre-award Notice is issued to the preferred and other bidders
  7. When uncontested for 10 days the Procuring Agency confirms the winning supplier and contracts are signed.

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