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How do I find tenders?


Public Sector Tenders over a certain value are required to be publicly advertised.

For example, within the EU this is through the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union). This takes the form of a Tender or Contracts Notice and is available online through the TED EU Procurement Portal. UK Notices are now published on the Find a Tender Service.

Contract Notices can be found on individual country, or individual government agency or sector specific Portals such as Health and Defence and can be viewed by any organisation or individual.

These Procurement Portals tend to offer options for searching and filtering on contract notices, including location, type of notice, business sector, keywords, procurement value and date ranges.

There are three alternate ways organisations commonly source Tender opportunities.

  1. Register directly with the desired Procurement Portal and receive automatic notifications within your email inbox.
  2. Subscribe to a third-party Tender Alerts service provider, who will undertake the searching, filtering and notification of relevant opportunities on your behalf.
  3. Link relevant Procurement Portals to their dedicated Bid Management Solution, such as TenderEyes. This provides automatic search, filter and population of opportunities within the platform and a fully integrated sourcing, qualification and submission process.

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