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How can I improve the quality of Tender opportunities I find?


Properly selected targets are critical to improving your win ratio. Finding your best-fit opportunities will allow your team to deliver the most comprehensive Tender responses and submission. Improving your evaluation scores and win probabilities.

This requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the procurement codes and keywords your customer base uses to place contract adverts.

This understanding needs to be correlated with 2 key sets of data:

  1. The products and services identified in your Corporate, Business and Sales Plans.
  2. Procurement codes and keywords that your competitors are winning Tenders against.

This will ensure that you are bidding for the products and services identified by the senior managers in your organization and bidding head-to-head with your competitors.

Adopting Tendering Software, such as TenderEyes, will give you full control in targeting and sourcing best-matched opportunities based on your identified procurement codes and keywords. Defined workflows will allow sales team to fully qualify opportunities to set criteria and sales models, ensuring consistency and alignment to sales objectives.

Management controls such as Decision Gates will provide the ability for them to record and present their reasons for choosing the opportunity and Approvals which allow authorization from management to proceed.

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