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Helping You Deliver Compelling, Competitive, Quality Bids!

Intuitive tools, workflow automation and in-built best practice for smarter, integrated end-to-end opportunity, bid and contracts delivery.

Streamline Activity

Resolve the challenges and frustrations of complex activities and repetitive manual tasks.

Give your teams more time to focus on what really matters – delivering winning bid submissions!

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Rapid project set-up and team mobilisation
  • Setting project plans, stages and information requirements
  • Standard and customised automated workflows
  • Auto-notification of meetings, task requests and reminders
  • Easy visibility to project progress and timelines.

Manage Content

No longer waste value time searching for tender content or risk submitting out of date, inaccurate or low scoring tender responses.

Give your Bid Team and Subject Matter Experts the tools to review, update and finesse tender submissions!

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Access for all, to a single source centralised Bid Library
  • Rapid and targeted search returns using AI technology
  • Assured upkeep and use of standard Q&A
  • Easy review, updating and improvement of content
  • Rapid auto-population of content with just one ‘SwiftClick’.

Improve Responses

No longer make uninformed decisions or submit low scoring tender responses.

Give your teams the time, information and insights to identify gaps and improve tender submissions!

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Easy access to procuring agency documentation and scoring criteria
  • Access to sales information, key facts, risks, win themes etc.
  • Content ownership and accountability
  • Formal approval processes and decision gates
  • Results capture, analysis and reports.

Win More Business!

No longer waste valuable resources and time pursuing mis-matched opportunities.

Give your teams the data and tools to increase win probabilities, win rates and revenues.

With TenderEyes enjoy:

  • Targeted sourcing of best-fit tender opportunities
  • Consistent qualification and pursuit decisions
  • Easier cross-team and partner engagement and collaboration
  • Visibility to process and project performance for future improvement
  • Deeper insight into market share, competitors and new trends.

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TenderEyes, The Smarter Software Choice!

Designed to seamlessly integrate, streamline and add value to your bid management strategies, activities and performance.

Quick Deployment

Easy Cloud deployment with flexible scalability and anywhere, anytime access.


Hosted within the Microsoft 365 environment with leading security measures and backup.

Easy to Use

Comprehensive, intuitive, logical user interface, navigation, features and functions.


Easy integration with Public Procurement Portals, CRM, ERP and other business tools.